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Chunky Cardigan in Lavender

Chunky Cardigan in Lavender

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Handmade to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks before shipment.

Limited Edition Spring chunky, slightly cropped cardigan in light purple.

Designed and handmade in Chicago by Dinah Clottey.

Material: 100% Pure Merino Wool.

Modeled by Katherine Zhu.

Model is 5’9 and wearing a size M.

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100% Pure Merino Wool.

🌎 Our merino wool is premium quality and is the softest yarn you will ever touch. It is environmentally safe as it’s a natural, renewable, biodegradable fiber and is ethically sourced and hand dyed.

Care Instructions

Hand wash using luke warm water, lay flat to dry.

Please treat your garment with special care. Try not to snag your garment on jewelry or other sharp and rough objects or surfaces. Please do not wear out in the rain or snow, keep dry.

You may see loose pieces of yarn hanging from your piece. This is perfectly normal. Due to the nature of being a handmade piece, ends from sewing may show. Do not cut, just tuck the loose end back in.

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