T'kor Couture: imaginative designs for the daring & bold

T'KOR COUTURE is a luxury brand that is highly regarded for its handcraftsmanship, attention to detail, and celebration of Black culture. T'kor Couture's collections feature powerful stories of hope to marginalized communities, utilizing eccentric color and elaborative stitches to promote the feeling of joy.


I founded T'kor Couture in the midst of the pandemic and uprising in the demand of justice for Black Lives in the summer of 2020. At only 19 years old, this was a time in my life where I struggled to make sense of all that was happening around me. Starting my crochet instagram account where I got to share my work helped to serve as my diary entries during this perilous time. My hook became the vessel in which I poured my heart and soul into, bringing back light in those dark times.

As a Black woman, I can relate to always feeling like an outsider, but that doesn't mean that I have to be invisible. With just my own two hands, I create unique and compelling pieces meant to bring those who've been pushed to the margins back into the center.  Each of my collections feature powerful stories or messages of hope in an effort to accept all the brave souls that have ever been deemed unworthy for being different.


My creations aim to express the soul. Soul is not only the expression of who we are, but it is our very essence. Soul embraces the communities we come from, it is the link between us and our ancestors, between us and those that come after us.  I don't have a fashion background whatsoever, my degree at the University of Chicago was in Sociology and the influences of that choice can be seen in my creations and collection themes. All of my designs are rooted in the culture and traditions of Black people across the globe. Blackness does not exist in a monolith, and there are so many different aspects and regions of the culture to shed light on. The stories and traditions of Black artists, writers, activists, and communities are as universal as the story of Cinderella or The Boy Who Cried Wolf; there are lessons that anyone, regardless of background, can hold sacred with them as they traverse through their own lives.

My designs are a means for people to not only feel joy and more confident in their own skin, but also aims to help wearers see the power in challenging the status quo. T’kor Couture aims for the inclusion and representation of bodies, minds, and souls, and all of our pieces are inspired by the beautiful and diverse world around us. I hope to create clothes that allow those who wear them to express who they are freely and unapologetically.

All of our garments are ethically and thoughtfully produced through the use of sustainable fibers and limited stock in order to reduce waste. Currently, each piece is handmade by me in my own home studio. As the business hopefully grows and I expand this team, this is a value that will remain essential to our mission and success as a company.  

Thank you for stopping my by little corner of the earth, may these stories move you as much as they've shaped me. Talk to you soon,