Our Team

Welcome to T’kor Couture, THE place for handmade crochet clothing! Here, we express style the only way we know how: by coming up with pieces as unique and bold as you are! We capture the soul and very essence of style for a fit that’s both comfortable and cool. Express who you are LOUDLY! Now come meet the people behind the work!

Dinah "T'kor" Clottey


Welcome to my store! I’m 22 years old and a recent graduate of the University of Chicago. As a Sociology major, I never dreamed that it would become my dream to have my own business and design clothes for a living. But here I am, having found a way to combine both passions! I’m so grateful everyday that I’ve had the courage to pursue my passions, and that courage comes from the support of those around me.

Cherith Clottey


I help with the design aesthics of this here brand. Logo? Me. Those really well done reels/videos on the socials? Also me. What can I say, as Dinah's twin, I complete her. But earnestly, I'm so grateful to be part of this brand, a place with CRAZY style, but also a lot of heart. Making art and making an impact at the same time is truly the most magical experience.

Rosie Alaraj


I work on the marketing for the website and the social media accounts for T’kor Couture! I was blown away the first time I saw one of T’kor Couture’s pieces and always admired how much hard work and dedication Dinah had put into the brand. I know that T’kor Couture is going to be big one day because of its quality of clothes and the message behind the brand, so I wanted to be a part of its story no matter how big or small my role is in the company.