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Handmade to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks before shipment.

Fluffy, soft bucket hat in royal blue. 

Oya is a prominent deity in Yoruba mythology. She is considered the goddess of wind, lightning and storms, and is associated with change, transformation, and destruction.

While change may seem destructive, when growing, evolving, transforming, part of the process is deconstructing the old version of you. You get to choose the parts you keep and the parts you let go. Lean into the discomfort of the ever evolving you, the storm is only temporary. Soon, you'll be home. 

Designed and handmade in Chicago by Dinah Clottey.

Modeled by Dinah Clottey.


100% Polyester.

Fake/vegan fur.

Care Instructions

Machine wash on a cold gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.

Please treat your garment with special care. Try not to snag your garment on jewelry or other sharp and rough objects or surfaces. Please do not wear out in the rain or snow, keep dry.

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